Inside Huntington High School Recovery Programs

This week I met with Mrs. Pinkerman and Mrs. Jordan who are Huntington High Schools Chairperson of the Counseling department and our graduation coach.  They were both very entertaining and informative.  I encourage everyone to listen to this important podcast and find out how our safety nets have safety nets.

Inside Huntington High School Writing Center

This week on inside Huntington High School I interview Mrs. Nelson and two of her students about the amazing things that are taking place at the Huntington High writing center.  You can visit the Writing Center website at

to schedule an appointment or get more information

Inside Huntington High School Honors Program

Students in the Huntington High School Honors Program

This week inside Huntington High School focuses on the Huntington High School Honors program.  I interview three students and Mrs. Amy McElory about the Honors Program.  In addition to these individuals I also have an interview detailing the upcoming homecoming activities.